Now We are Only Drifting

Fashion design


Those who are always searching, before they turn to dust. A feeling of travelling without meaning or purpose through life. Finding ourselves just gracing the surface, with nothing but a life vest to keep us afloat,  drifting with the endless currents. This collection fuses the alienesque with the minimal, and intends to enhance the human body with both elegance and comfort.  Soft heavy drapes of jersey and viscose creates long elegant shapes and detailed with volumes of pleats and draping of translucent organza and light chiffon. Black and white contrast each other and merge into dusty shades of charcoal.

 I wanted to create a textile illusion of a life vest, and a feeling of drowning, or to be pulled down, using heavy textiles and drapes with pleating techniques and ways to manipulates pleated in an interesting way to create volume. Materials used for this project was jersey, viscose and silk chiffon. Dresses varying between heavy draped, easy to shape and flowing and liquid.


Final Major Project, level 6.  Arts university Bournemouth, spring 2014