Norwegian fashion designer Benedicte Fjeldberg’s aesthetics springs from an inner universe, and tells stories of her Nordic roots and  from her travels all over the world. Expressing moods of the cold winter and the dark forests of the north, to the wandering of the bright and narrow streets of Kyoto.

She first started her design journey with a one-year foundation course in fashion and costume in Oslo. Thought, being drawn to the aesthetic and culture of East Asia, she first spent two years  studying the Japanese language and cultural history at the University of Oslo which would influence her approach towards design in the following years. In 2011 she was led her to the South of England and an honours degree in fashion at the Arts University Bournemouth. .

Benedicte works with an innate feel of the relationship between, textile, line and the human form. A minimalistic feel melts with traditional draping and fabric manipulation techniques, to create contemporary yet timeless and elegant pieces. There is a thoughtfulness and consideration for comfort and movement in her garments. It is the point of attention on the human body and the use of the natural qualities of the fabrics that makes her designs unique.


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